How can i become a better foodie?

You might like habanero chilies with chocolate and enjoy the heat of 500,000 or more in Scoville, but most people won't appreciate such an extreme touch on their taste buds and won't eat those peppers unless there's a cash prize or they've lost a cruel bet. Learning is fun for me, especially when it comes to food. Cookbooks represent 90% of my bookshelf. Tons of magazine subscriptions clutter every room in the house.

My Internet bookmark bar is full of various food blogs and other recipe websites. It scares me to think how many cumulative hours I have spent reading about food. As much as I love and adore my large library of cookbooks and I get really excited every time a food magazine is delivered to my mailbox, they can also be a straitjacket in the kitchen.

Cassandra Heiberg
Cassandra Heiberg

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