How do you become a foodie?

Look beyond the food itself Being a food enthusiast doesn't necessarily mean you're always eating. If you really like food, the best thing you can do is to learn more by reading (here are cookbooks that millennials like), watching cooking shows (you can find a definitive ranking here) and keeping up to date with food news. OK, I have a great interest in food, but I still don't consider myself a food enthusiast. I am very happy to share my recipes and culinary adventures.

My goal with this blog is to share some of my favorite dishes with other food lovers, as well as to attract new cooks. Leida, I'm glad you've become a food lover. The best thing in life is enjoying a wonderful meal with the people you love. In these times it's wonderful to know that there are still people who really enjoy the art of cooking, not just putting something in the microwave.

Thank you very much for creating this site and for publishing these creations that delight your palate. Of course, first prepare and then enjoy the meal, salad or dessert. Keep up the good work.

Cassandra Heiberg
Cassandra Heiberg

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