What are some great places to find new recipes as a foodie?

All Recipes, The Food Network, Yummly, Epicurious, Tasty, Spoonacular, Delish, Edamam. Overall, Allrecipes is a very useful resource when you're looking for quick inspiration. And if you're a fan of Rachel Khoo, Michel Roux's delicious version of meat dishes, or you follow one of the Food Network programs, here you'll find many of the outstanding recipes. The site has evolved from a 25-year-old recipe archive created by chefs, cookbook writers, home cooks, food manufacturers and more, and continues to develop.

New recipe ideas and inspiration are constantly appearing on the site. What we especially like is the depth and variety of its regional food section, for example, more than 330 ideas from the Middle East, more than 120 from Africa and more than 800 from Latin America. There's never a need to follow the same boring formulas. However, this site isn't just “quick and easy”.

We liked the “Iconic Dishes” collection, which includes all those incredible dishes from around the world, from lamb baked for 12 hours to Greek cheese and spinach pastries, which simplifies the process so that we can add them to our repertoire. Simply Recipes, a valuable resource for home cooks, features more than 3,000 proven recipes, guides and meal plans. The fact that more than 15 million readers visit it every month confirms that the combination of recipes, meal plans and shopping guides appeals to cooks of all levels and budgets. Although carnivores are well served, vegetarian and vegan recipes also stand out.

Special occasions are also included, for example, there are more than 100 Kwanzaa recipes and, as expected, a lot of cocktail inspirations. This is another lifestyle site that is as much about travel (“The 3 Things Everyone Should Eat in Yucatán”) as it is about cooking. Although there is a good selection of recipes, many require 1 to 3 hours of preparation, so they may be more suitable for special occasions than for regular meals. However, the site has more than 10,000 recipes, so if you're looking for a new version of a recipe or ingredient that might bore you a little, this might be a good place to look for something a little different.

This is perhaps the best cooking and shopping website. With a community of more than 13 million people, an influential Instagram site and an online store that sells gifts and best-in-class kitchen utensils, they are at the forefront of innovation and trends in everything related to food. This site, which claims to be used by “7 million food lovers a month”, is an informative site that not only presents collections of recipes, but also contains a wealth of practical tips and techniques. This site is an intriguing mix of celebrity culinary trivia (“This is what Keanu Reeves eats when he trains for action movies”), food-related information (“How to tell if your syrup really contains maple”) and even some recipe-based articles (“61 brunch recipes to make your New Year's party a success”).

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