What are some great resources for learning about different cuisines as a foodie?

The best option is to learn how to cook your own meals. Children learn better about different people and languages through first-hand experiences. They are sensory beings that learn through the experiences of touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste. It can be difficult to incorporate all five senses into a cultural lesson.

Or is it? Not sure how to expose your child to new cultures and foods? Here are some ideas for fun food-based cultural presentations. The New Year is a great time to start something new. Instead of making resolutions that don't last beyond January, why don't you try something different? Get ready to learn a new skill, something that will be with you for the rest of your life. Cooking has been a vital necessity for hundreds of years.

However, with the rise of processed food and fast food restaurants, it has become an almost forgotten art. In the past few years alone, countless television cooks have polished their reputation. Imagine that you could not only learn to cook well, but also to cook healthy and tasty meals, bake delicious pastries and fresh bread. You would save money by cooking for yourself instead of buying expensive meals, your friends and family would love to be your guests and you'll never be short of ideas for delicious gifts or much-desired coupons.

This online cooking class will suit any skill level. Whether you've never cooked tea before or you've been cooking simple meals routinely and know the kitchen utensils and routines to the fullest, you can start here. There are ten different courses, each containing five lessons. You can read as many lessons as you want, but if you have little time, you can dedicate yourself to at least one lesson each day, meaning the articles are pure theory and will work well with recipes that match the respective skill level.

Each lesson includes two recipes for success. You can practice your skills by browsing the site's complete collection of recipes. It is carefully classified into courses, types of food (for example, Cuban, German, Thai) or methods (for example, this site is best suited for people who have a basic knowledge of cooking). If you can already cook simple recipes, that is, read recipes and choose the right ingredients and tools, this is the right place to start.

As you gain more and more skill and passion for cooking, head to this site. You'll find a guide to cooking techniques arranged alphabetically, cooking tips that will save you time, information on herbs, 26% on spices and much more. Laurence covered the essential free tools for learning to play the guitar online Ryan wrote about the 5 best sites for learning piano online. Shankar found more than 30 online resources to expand your vocabulary in English.

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