What are some of the best cookbooks for foodies?

Amateur chefs with a sense of humor will appreciate this cheeky cookbook. Based on videos from the popular YouTube series You Suck at Cooking, this handy guide offers more than 60 recipes for beginners, from “Muffin-Type Things” and “Eddie's Roasted Red Pepper Dip”, plus a good portion of the mysterious chef's trademark sense of humor everywhere. If you're looking for unique gift ideas for food lovers, check out As Cooked on TikTok, The Hebridean Baker, Trap Kitchen and The Princess Bride Official Cookbook. Fortunately, food lovers are perhaps the easiest person to buy at Christmas, since the latest cookware or best-selling cookbook is always enough to make them smile.

The Internet has made it easier than ever to search for hundreds of thousands of recipes without turning a single page, but true food lovers still keep their collections of printed cookbooks very close to their hearts (yes, my collection is secure). With that in mind, we've toured the country in search of the best cookbooks you can buy right now, with recipes that your favorite food fan will want to prepare. There's a 99.9% chance that your favorite foodie already follows Meera Sodha, a recipe genius on Instagram, in which case, he'll be thrilled to see this cookbook waiting for you under the tree this Christmas.

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