What are some of the best ingredients for foodies to use?

If you ever have a recipe that says you can use broth or water for something, you should always do it. All you need to make a simple roasted turkey is a little butter, lemon zest, and condiments. We know that there are some food lovers who go crazy about anything other than fresh pasta, but let's face it, while pasta isn't too hard to make from scratch, sometimes even the most devoted foodies just want to throw something in a pot for a quick and easy meal. True food lovers may have some homemade broth saved, but it's also nice to have some already prepared on hand, just in case.

That's where canned tomatoes are a great addition to any foodie's kitchen, and they have so many uses that it's ridiculous. If you're a true food enthusiast, there's nothing better than finding a particular recipe and looking for special ingredients to make it a reality. The revered chef at the River Café, who has been at the top of London cuisine for 31 years, shares her gastronomic findings. However, if you're a true food enthusiast, you definitely don't want to use pre-ground pepper that's been ground for years.

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