What are some tips for becoming a foodie?

These are the best tricks and habits that have helped me make the most of what's in my portfolio, Plan Ahead. Save your money for the good things. We hear a lot of things in popular culture about food that just aren't true, such as that wooden cutting boards don't go well with meat or that salt makes water boil faster. If you really want to be a genius in the kitchen, make sure that none of these myths are in your knowledge base, as they can often make a big difference in the way you cook food.

See our list of 10 stubborn food myths that just won't go away for more information. Image remixed with a photo of Alex Galt. Do you collect cookbooks? Have you spent half the day without realizing it at the farmers market deciding what to prepare for dinner? Is the kitchen your favorite room in the house? At Lifehacker, we've included tons of food tips, and these are just a few of the important tips and skills a budding foodie should know. In this post, I want to share some tips on how to become a food enthusiast, and of course, you can also add your own tips.

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