What are the signs of a foodie?

There are some people who prefer to rely on old favorites when it comes to eating out. After all, ordering a meal that you're not 100% satisfied with can sometimes be a little risky and the last thing you want is to be disappointed with something you've paid a lot of money for. Your culinary experiments are not for the faint hearted. Whether you wear your gastronomic name as a badge of honor or it took you a while to adopt it, there are certain telltale signs you should pay attention to, especially if you're not sure if it applies to you.

As a self-proclaimed food lover, I can tell you that there are some pretty telltale signs that you're a food enthusiast if you're not sure. One of the biggest signs that you're a food enthusiast is if you're more eager to go to the grocery store than any other excursion throughout the week. Choosing to eat at different restaurants is the main sign that you're a food enthusiast, followed by enjoying trying new dishes when you eat out and wanting to go to the grocery store weekly, rather than seeing it as a routine task.

Cassandra Heiberg
Cassandra Heiberg

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