What is difference between food lover and foodie?

While those who describe themselves as food lovers follow the latest reality chef show on television, flock to tastings and fervently follow restaurant openings, lovers of other types of food are often in their kitchen cooking, marveling at beautiful pears in the market or fainting at a taco of tongue from a hole in the... There are numerous terms that could be used to describe a person who is passionate about food and cooking. Like a food lover or a sweet tooth or a kitchen connoisseur or even a food nerd. However, in our modern culture, foodie is the label that seems to stick like a noodle al dente to a wall.

She sees the word foodie being used to describe a person who has entered a new food consciousness, but often only in certain ways. I admire and am jealous of the culinary escapades of some food lovers, but I have five children and do monologues every night, so I'm not someone who can go out to dinner and experience these gastronomic adventures. So, if you're a self-proclaimed food enthusiast, it's completely right that you also consider yourself a food lover. A food enthusiast seeks new dining experiences as a hobby, rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger.

The first thing I think of when someone calls themselves a “food enthusiast” is that they consider themselves an authority on food, says Kevin Sloan, chef at The Pabst and Riverside Theaters. There are clear differences between food lovers and food lovers, even though these terms are sometimes used interchangeably to describe people with a strong affinity for food. And people who have been included in the category of food lovers at one time or another have mixed feelings about the word and different interpretations as to what it implies. If you're the type of diner who takes a road trip or travels long distances just to try a specific dish or modern meal (and especially if you insist on taking photos of that food), you're a big foodie.

Although he is aware that food lovers are criticized for being conceited and senseless drones that follow each and every one of the gastronomic trends that arise, it is not a fair assessment of all food lovers. If you dedicate an entire vacation to enjoying the best foods in that region, you are undoubtedly a food enthusiast. Sloan points out that the word foodie has hidden the difference between professionals and amateurs, which isn't a bad thing.

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