Where can i find other people who share my passion for being a foodie?

If you love trying new restaurants, joining a social dining site is a great way to connect with other people. The Foodies dating app is similar to Meetup in that it's a group organizer that also gives you the opportunity to meet other food lovers. LeAnne Notabartolo's love for food and community outreach led her to become an advocate for hunger. Share with us how Las Vegas Restaurant Week is an opportunity for food lovers and restaurants to make a difference.

Personally, I discovered my passion for cooking for people in high school. I found a cool dish to play and share every Wednesday, which boosted my ego and gave me a lot of joy because people liked what I prepared. I thought I would be a chef but I took a university course and hated it. So lost, I found food science and applied for a degree in food science.

Taste is an app that connects food lovers by allowing you to meet people who are looking for a partner who also loves food. According to the survey, most people are looking for a gastronomic partner, which means that they want to find someone who shares their love of food.

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